Fighting a Domestic Violence Accusation in Arizona

Dealing with a domestic violence charge in Arizona can be incredibly difficult and frustrating. Any time someone feels threatened or lives under the specter of being hurt in, their day to day life can be negatively affected. However, the accusation of domestic violence can have a similar effect and leave a permanent stain on your life and reputation.

In some cases, these accusations of domestic violence may not be credible. The accuser may be lying or may have misidentified the accused, or the accused may have been acting in self-defense, defending their own life or the lives of their loved ones. No matter the situation, you deserve to have a strong defense. Criminal defense lawyer Edward F. Cohn will work every day to ensure your side is heard.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence occurs when a person is subjected to some violence or abuse from another who resides in a shared domestic setting. Those affected can range from children to grown adults. Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence, though women are more likely than men to be victims. As a result, those accused of domestic violence in Arizona are typically male, but the accusations can be placed on anyone.

4 Types of Domestic Violence Accusations

Tucson Domestic Violence LawyerPhysical: Physical abuse is one of the most common types of domestic violence and typically involves any contact in which harm is intended. These acts can include bodily injury to the victim, threats, intimidation, denying medical care or sleep, and strangulation.

For those accused of physical abuse, their actions may have been justifiable, particularly if they were acting in self-defense or protecting their loved ones.

Sexual: Sexual harassment and abuse occur when a sexual act is performed on someone who claims to have been unwilling or uninterested in such actions. This abuse includes acts such as supposed unwanted sexual conversations, unwanted touching, attempted and successful rape, female genital mutilation, and reproductive coercion.

In these cases, issues of consent take priority. If the accuser consented to the sexual act at the time, the accused cannot be held guilty of sexual harassment or abuse.

Emotional: Emotional abuse can be used to dehumanize a victim and undermine their self-worth and confidence. Threats, isolating the victim, constant criticism, humiliation, and gaslighting are all categorized as emotional abuse. If a victim is emotionally abused, they may feel out of control of their lives and find it hard to leave.

However, as an accused individual, the effects you’re having on your accuser may not be obvious to you. It may only be after the accuser’s lawyer contacts you that you realize they believed you emotionally abused them. These cases can be mercurial and require a steady, professional criminal lawyer to manage.

Financial: When one person has control over all financial and economic resources of another, they may be accused of financially abusing the other person. This financial abuse and power may be real, but it may also be a fabricated perception on the part of the accuser. In some cases, previous financial arrangements may turn sour when one party decides they don’t like the status quo, and they decide to take this anger out on the other individual.

These cases typically affect the person earning the most money in the relationship and can cause you to worry about your future and your livelihood. If you find yourself in accused of financial abuse, an experienced Tuscon domestic violence attorney from the law office of Edward F. Cohn can help.

Charged with Domestic Violence in Arizona

If you or someone you know has been charged with domestic violence, navigating the legal aspects of your case can be complicated with help. You need an experienced domestic violence attorney like Edward F. Cohn  at your side. Contact us at (520) – 477 – 2526 today to protect your rights and reputation.

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