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Often mistaken as synonymous with orders of protection, an injunction against harassment is an order that prevents harassing behavior from neighbors, coworkers, friends, and other non-familiar or intimate relationships. In the state of Arizona, this harassing behavior does not have to be physical in nature or even in person. Electronic harassment, such as cyber bullying, can also qualify for this type of injunction.
Protect your reputation

Since these types of orders will appear on a background check, take action if a wrongful injunction against harassment has been filed against you. Additionally, your rights to purchase and own firearms can also be diminished if you don’t defend yourself. Edward F. Cohn has fought and won in the Tucson, AZ courts, and helped many clients move on from a wrongfully issued injunction.

What do I do if I’m being continually harassed?

What do I do if I’m being continually harassed?

If your relationship does not fall into the category of an order of protection, you can consult with an attorney and petition the court for an injunction against harassment. Edward F. Cohn Attorney at Law takes this type of case routinely, and knows how to efficiently petition the Tucson, AZ courts for these injunctions.
The following circumstances generally allow for the issuance of an injunction against harassment:

  • The harassing behavior has or will cause severe harm if there is no injunction
  • There is no reason or purpose to the behavior
  • Harassment is focused on a particular individual and harms, annoys, or harasses them

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If you think your situation meets any of these criteria, call criminal defense Attorney Cohn right away. Each client is treated with the utmost respect, and every unique situation is handled as such. We never take the “one size fits all” approach to law, because that is not how cases are won. If you’re ready for a consultation, call our office now at (520) 477-2526.