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Attempted Murder Attorney | Edward F. Cohn Attorney At Law | Tucson, AZ

Discussions about premeditated murder or actions taken against someone very rarely rise to the level of criminal attempt. Simply searching google for ways to hide a weapon or viewing an ex-wife’s profile on Facebook does not necessarily correspond with charging someone with criminal attempt. Criminal attempt is so much more complex than a scene from a movie.

A person can be charged with attempted murder when he or she has taken a substantial step toward committing the crime. That step could be purchasing the weapon and attempting to fire it at the victim. Regardless of the facts of the case, a great criminal defense lawyer should be retained immediately after the charges are filed. That lawyer should be Edward F. Cohn.

Because the charge of attempted murder is often reliant upon key facts, it is essential that each fact be reviewed with a fine-toothed comb. Again, attempted murder is not just trying to harm someone. It is a very specific crime and if the facts do not rise to the level of that criminal charge, Edward will seek to have the charges dismissed. He will also seek suppression, if it is warranted or other witness statements.

Most importantly, an attempted murder charge can hinge on witness testimony or physical evidence (such as a weapon). Edward and his Tucson, AZ firm will interview witnesses, take depositions, and review the chain of all evidence to make sure everything is appropriately preserved or argued before the trial court. As with all criminal cases, Edward will be available from charging of the crime, through sentencing, and will work with the client to determine if a plea bargain or a trial is in his or her best interest.

Attempted murder, like other forms of homicide, could make the client’s mental state and emotional well-being an issue in the case. Edward always treats his client with dignity and respect and will ensure that any discussions of these sensitive matters are handled delicately. More importantly, if these issues can help mitigate a sentence for the client, he will ensure that the argument is before the court to consider at that time.

Having a friend or loved one charged with attempted murder seems as chaotic and difficult as if he or she was charged with the actual crime of homicide. In that midst of that chaos, one rational decision needs to be made – Edward F. Cohn should be the first call.

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