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This is a word that generally elicits visceral reactions in people from all walks of life. The toll this takes on a victim is measurable, but so, too, is the toll felt after being charged with this crime. This process of criminally charging someone with rape has an emotional effect on all involved and requires an extra level of care and delicacy than other criminal charges and cases. For this reason alone, Edward F. Cohn, a Rape Charge Attorney, should be the first telephone call made.

Charges involving rape or sexual assault often hinge upon a victim’s testimony. The criminal defense lawyer retained to defend against these charges must be aware of how to pick apart this testimony, find spots where evidence is lacking, and challenge the evidence presented by the state. Edward F. Cohn can do all of that and has done so for fifteen years.

Sex assault crimes can trigger reporting requirements under the law commonly called “Megan’s Law.” This law requires that anyone convicted of certain sex assault or sex offense crimes be required to register their name and address with law enforcement for a specified period of time. When a person is convicted of or pleads guilty to a sex offense in Tucson, AZ, inherent in the sentencing are the Megan’s Law requirements. Because reporting requirements differ between charges, sentencings will also differ. Edward F. Cohn is well-versed in those differences and can assist the client in determining which requirements apply and which have no effect on the case. You need a rape charge attorney.

Edward and his Tucson, AZ firm can review all of the evidence against the client and determine if a trial or plea bargain is in the client’s best interest. Often, in negotiating a plea bargain, a criminal defense lawyer can negotiate which requirements would apply and for how long. If any of the sentencing possibilities could be negotiated or mitigated, Edward will ensure that they are discussed.

Regardless of the specifics of the crime charged, the keys to successfully defending these cases are preparation and examination of evidence. Reviewing all witness statements, both made under oath and those that are mere interviews, requires a fine-toothed comb. If there is any physical evidence collected, reviewing the chain of custody for that evidence and the manner in which it was gathered also requires attention to detail. When Edward F. Cohn is hired, not only can the client rest assured that the preparation will be done diligently, but also that the client is in the most capable hands despite the charges against him or her.

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