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In many cases where a relationship becomes volatile and domestic violence is alleged, an order of protection can be issued against specific individuals. Arizona defines an order of protection as a document issued by the court which is to prevent one from committing an act of domestic violence. Whether you’ve been issued a wrongful order of protection, need help filing one, or need to fight to keep it in place, Edward F. Cohn and his Tucson, AZ criminal defense law firm can handle it for you and quell your anxiety about the situation.

 Can I file an Order of Protection in Tucson, AZ?

Can I file an Order of Protection in Tucson, AZ?

Has an act of domestic violence been recently committed against you? Do you feel an imminent threat that it may happen in the near future? If so, you may petition the court for an order of protection, which is commonly referred to as a restraining order. While systems are in place for you to go to any area court and file for an order, it may be beneficial to get sound legal advice before petitioning the court.
Edward F. Cohn has several years of experience in the Tucson, AZ courts with both fighting against wrongful orders or protection, and also having them issued. The following documentation will significantly help your chances of the court granting a permanent order:

  • The defendant’s personal information
  • Evidence of harassment, assault or domestic violence
  • Police & medical records

With a successful issue of an order of protection, the defendant will be prohibited from contacting you in any way, or visiting your home or place of work.

What can I do about this Unfair Restraining Order?

Many situations that call for an order of protection come from legitimate sources and are in place for a good reason. However, some will work the system and have an order placed that has no real merit. Since civil courts will not hear your side of the story once the order is placed, this opens the door for people to game the system and attempt to make their former spouse look unfavorable when it comes to a custody or divorce hearing.
Having a wrongful order of protection against you can prevent you from getting a job or being approved for an apartment since it will show up in a background check. Even worse, good parents can be barred from seeing their children. If this is the case for you, call Attorney Cohn to fight the order.

Act now before it’s too late

When it comes to domestic violence cases, it is important to seek proper justice. Edward F. Cohn serves the entire Tucson, AZ metro area and can help handle your situation. High emotions and stressful circumstances make it tough to think clearly, so let attorney Cohn take the lead. Call our office today at (520) 477-2526 to set up a consultation!